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My name is  Kineli "Watatah" Russo and my mission is to spread love by making the world dance.  I write fast-paced merengue music that makes people dance and feel happy! My music is inspired by the drum beats I heard growing up in the Dominican Republic, as well as by the words of Bob Marley.   Life is short as hell, and my music reminds people to LIVE LIFE ALL THE WAY UP!   


I am a performer of the people and for the people.  To me, music is a universal language and a roadmap for my own life. Music was by my side when I immigrated to the United States from the Dominican Republic at age of 18, speaking no English.  And today, music connects me with my audiences all over the world, even when I can’t speak their native tongue. 


Drawing on the beats of musicians before me, I have created my own unique blend of Merengue music that combines other genres including reggae, soca and hip-hop.  I have always felt that music has no limits, so there are no boundaries to create. I feel joy when I see my audience singing, dancing and enjoying my songs, even when they don’t understand the lyrics. It’s an amazing feeling! 



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