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What is the One Pound Challenge?

Our challenge is designed to help you stay active through an exercise program designed exclusively by everyone’s favorite Zumba recording artist, Watatah.  One of the interesting findings presented in the NY Times article, was that studies show that the most active participants gained the least amount of holiday pounds. 


In addition to fitness, our challenge also focuses on diet and self care.   Certified nutritionist Darlene C Castillo, MS, RDN will be providing us with weekly tips for building a healthier you, while still eating the foods you love! 


Oh and did we mention MOTIVATIONAL SWAG and MENTAL HEALTH?  Each month you will receive a special gift or message to help you stay focused and on track.  For the month of November, we will send you a Watatah exclusive refrigerator magnet with a message to remind you to make good choices when you open the refrigerator and freezer doors!


For  just over a dollar a day, you can be part of this challenge to keep your waistline trim over the 14-week HOLIDAY period.  Plus, you get some cool swag.



Challenge Details

We have two suggested paths….



Path 1: Workout for 30 minutes 5 out of 7 days a week.  We suggest attending our LIVE classes M-F from 7-7:30 pm OR ON DEMAND via our website on your own schedule + self care challenge

Path 2: See above + this 30 day push up challenge


Path 1: same as November but commit to trying two of Darlene’s suggestions

Path 2: See above + a mindfulness challenge 


Path 1: same as December but attend our Vision Board session

Path 2: Same as Path 1


$120 total or 3 monthly payments of $40 ($5 discount if you pay in advance)



Get a $10.00 refund for every friend or family member that you refer to the challenge.  Share the code in your confirmation e-mail.

Refer 10 people to join you in the challenge, and you will get wine from Artisans & Vines

This contest is not sponsored or endorsed by Instagram.

This contest is provided by Watatah | nBooM! | Firit Fitness LLC

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