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I met this random young ladies and this happened

I randomly met this group of young ladies while driving in the barrio in the Dominican Republic. As you can see in the video, they showcased a song they have written, all the other children knew the words and the energy was great. Reminded me of myself when I started to pen ideas and rhymes and all the kids in the neighborhood would know the lyrics. Five streets ratio superstar I decided to add music to their lyrics and complete the song. I made the instrumental, recorded them and later on came out to their neighborhood to record a simple video. By watching the video you can tell it was a lot of fun. Like I said, I saw myself in them. I wish I would have crossed paths with someone who saw something in me and felt the need to get me A CHANCE. For me, it only happened because I came to the United States where more tools are available to you. As you know, chasing your dreams is a bit harder in small countries. If you read all this, meet ZAZZYZ, take a moment and watch the video and show them some love. One thing is left to be said... Who knows.


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